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Benny Blue

Student and creative.


Benjamin Blue is a college undergraduate from Chantilly, Virginia. He attends William & Mary in pursuit of a computer science major. He enjoys video games with metanarratives, learning new skills, and cheeseburgers. He dislikes mushrooms, describing himself in the third person, and airport security.


Benny may be found on the following platforms:

Seriously, look at those — they're important!


Benny strives to acquire as many creative skills as possible. He wants to be able to create whatever he wishes, and be resourceful enough to know exactly what to use. His strongest skills include:

  • Writing and proofreading

  • Video editing

  • Graphic design

  • Musical arrangement and composition

  • Engineering-oriented 3D modeling

  • Versatile programming


His current concrete goal is to have an Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath number. Details on them can be found on Wikipedia.
At the time of writing, Benny is 2/3 of the way there, with both a Bacon number and a Sabbath number.

Benny currently has a Bacon-Sabbath number of 11. His efforts were documented in the Fairfax County Times.
He is constantly in search of opportunities to acquire an Erdos number. If you know of, or would like to offer, such an opportunity, please contact him using the information below.


Benny is most easily reached by his email:



In addition, you can fill out the form below to reach him:

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Bacon Number

Benny filmed this video with Jenny Blue:

Sabbath Number

Benny also scored Undertale Live's fanart segment in their first virtual show with this musical piece:

  • Undertale Live is greenlit by, and performs the music of, Toby Fox.

  • Toby Fox worked with Chip Tanaka on the piece "Hammerhead Shark."

  • Chip Tanaka featured alongside Nobuo Uematsu in "Play for Japan: The Album."

  • Nobuo Uematsu worked with Ian Gillian, Black Sabbath vocalist, on "Eternity."

Things Benny wants you to see

His graduation speech for the Chantilly High School class of 2019:

His remix of Spider Dance, the score for Undertale: LIVE's fanart showcase in their first virtual show:

His Patreon, where exclusive content is available for $1 a month, and commissions for $5 a month:

His commission sheet:

The progress on his quest of achieving an Erdos-Bacon-Sabbath number:

Commission Sheet

To view examples of past commissions, view the commission tag on the Patreon!

To contact me for a commission, use the form below!