This was mainly inspired by two things – 1) Undertale, by Toby Fox, which you’ll see me mention a lot around here, and 2) A bunch of decorated wooden puzzle boxes I found in a gift shop in Williamsburg, Virginia. They had many different designs, from musical notes to Batman. I don’t have any photos of the originals, but they had the same design as the below, from Novica.

A wooden puzzle boxes styled after a pair of hearts.

I saw those puzzle boxes, and I was incredibly inspired. I was on vacation (as one usually is in stories involving gift shops), and when I got back to the hotel room, I brought out my laptop, and immediately began working on building my own in Autodesk Inventor. Like the absolute fanboy I am, I styled it after Undertale.

Most puzzle boxes of this sort only make the outside decorative, with the inside piece and container following function. However (and this is my favorite part), the inside piece of this puzzle box is shaped exactly after the SOUL from Undertale – a pixel-to-pixel recreation of the 8-bit heart seen in the game. Enjoy!

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