Time-Sanctioned Heroes

Larry Niven posits in his essay, “The Theory and Practice of Time Travel,” that, in a universe where the past resists change, and time fights against anyone trying to change its flow of events via time travel, time would simply alter its course of events to prevent time travel from ever being invented – the path of least resistance, as it were. However, I’m wondering if there’s a better path of least resistance – one that, instead of altering the entire history of a civilization, only alters that of a few people. What if time irreversibly altered the destiny of a few people to become like the Doctor? (As in, Doctor Who, which is amazing.) It would arrange a new destiny for a person to undergo events (maybe trauma, maybe not) that lead to the development of an excellent skill set and moral compass. It would then direct this person to the means for time travel (or direct other Doctors with time travel to them, perhaps), and direct their destiny for a while longer to develop a highly advanced skill set beyond their time (time would select people from any year and culture, and then introduce them to the advanced concepts and ideas of the future, to make them better agents), and a moral compass prioritizing order over everything else. Then, time would integrate them into a team, which would work against people using time travel for wish fulfillment. This way, if time travel is part of the natural course of events, time’s efforts to fight back against changes to the time line only affect a small number of people in all, instead of the lives of everyone from that point in history on, forever. It would be a scientifically valid premise for a time-travel science fiction media with a diverse cast of strong characters. 

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