I attend a yearly convention, MAGFest. I’ve probably mentioned it here before. Anyway, during MAGFest 2018, I attended a lecture called “The Music of Final Fantasy: Exploring the Compositions of Nobuo Uematsu,” hosted by Dan Lopatka, and it was excellent. He hosted lectures this year as well, and coming out of MAGFest 2019, one of my greatest regrets was not making it to any of them.

Anyway, the lecture was inspiring, as I hoped it’d be. However, I went expecting to be inspired melodically, and it was certainly a surprise that his section on rhythm had the most lasting influence. He got the Final Fantasy rhythmic motif stuck in my head for weeks. This song, “Thunderstorm,” is the result of those inspirations.

I’m posting it now simply because I uploaded it to my channel last night on a whim. Actually, I tried uploading it a year ago, when it was still new, but the upload went wrong somehow, and I moved on. I’ve improved since then, but I consider this a critical point in my history of musical composition. I was so proud of this song, and was happy simply listening to it for weeks, and sharing it with others. Here it is!

A high-quality audio file is available upon request. Photo credit to SW photos. Thank you for reading and listening!

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