Spider Dance – UNDERTALE Remix

where can i buy proscar uk I attend a yearly convention called MAGFest, which is enormously important to me. Last year, in mid-December, I was going through their website and found a game remix competition, hosted by GANG, or the Gang Audio Network Guild. This was December 21st, and when I saw the deadline for submissions for the competition was also the 21st, I thought to myself, “Wow. What a perfect opportunity to make something at the last minute.”

buy Lyrica online australia So, I opened up GarageBand on my iPad (which I started using in middle school, and continue to use to this day despite the plethora of better options available to me, out of sheer habit), and got out a rough sketch of Spider Dance, from Undertale, that I designed months previously. I then spent a few hours polishing it up and getting it ready for public view. I got it ready, and submitted it in the Chiptunes/Retro category, not expecting much to become of it.

A few weeks later, on January 2nd, I received an email…

I was a finalist! Like, at the Music and Gaming Festival, where the professionals come to play, my remix actually placed as a finalist! And more good news followed later in the email.

At this point, I was absolutely ecstatic. I was a finalist, and I’d be judged by award-winning composers? It was like a dream come true!

Fast forward two days, and it was time for the award ceremony. My category was up first, and my name and title were at the top of the board showing all the finalists. It was electrifying. Unfortunately, I didn’t win, but the person who did got $576 worth of music-composition software as a prize, so the thought that I was even eligible for that is amazing to me.

After that, I had nothing to do but sit and listen. And as they went through further prizes, I realized the people in the crowd around me – there were musicians I know and follow, including, String Player Gamer and the Materia Collective, in the running for the same awards as I was. And further on, as I looked around, I realized I was the only person there under 20 years old. I suspect there was a possibility of Impostor Syndrome setting in then, but rather than feel small and unworthy, I felt bigger and stronger – there I was, on even footing, in healthy competition against creators I admire and look up to. It was amazing.

Anyway, here’s the remix. A high-quality download is available on request. Enjoy!

Yes, I did indeed use my own meme as the background image.

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