A Sadistic Pacifist

Here’s a character concept – a sadistic pacifist. They aren’t against violence, but the idea of death terrifies and disgusts them. Their moral compass allows everything without regret, except the loss of life. They MUST, and feel morally obligated to, prevent the deaths of anyone they can. They MUST keep everyone alive, and they aren’t afraid to break people to do it. 

And the idea of dying terrifies them. They are plagued with an incredibly overpowering fear of death. But, instead of being paralyzed by it, they are motivated and called to action. They fear the idea of not being alive so much that it is transformed into their one form of empathy and sympathy: they feel the fear not only for themselves, but for everyone.

Well, that’s all! Credit to the amazing Torii Donahoe (who unfortunately does not have a page I can link to) for the artist’s interpretation seen above!

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