Idea Journal

My favorite project, a continuously built archive with all my ideas, laid out in enough detail to pick up and begin work at any time.

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Media Library

I create things in all colors of the rainbow, and it's all too varied in form to categorize neatly into separate repositories, so come and sift through it all here!

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Who am I?

I'm Benny - Benny Blue. I love to create things, and I'm passionate about learning new ways to do so. I couldn't possibly list all the ways I currently have under my belt, but the highlights are writing, graphic art, programming, and musical composition. I'm learning new skills all the time, and when I can, I'll post the fruits of my journey here.

I also have a lot of ideas - far more than I could ever make good on. So, one of my projects (my favorite) is to document as many of them as I can here, so I can just go and pick them up whenever I want. That's the Idea Journal, but be warned - I include many, many details. Sometimes diagrams, when I can. Check it out!

I'll post finished products here, too - anything from games to stories to art. I'm a big believer in pushing out a lot of content to get better at creating it. There's no telling what you'll find in the Media Library.